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Explore the area
What local say?

🌄Phnom Penh is the heart of Cambodia and attracting thousands of visitors both local and international annually. This article explains key and updated information on population, geography, tourism, shopping, and real estate sectors.


Phnom Penh had a population of 2,009,264, according to the population census 2008. Most people were not born in Phnom Penh, they came here for work and education. Factory workers and jobs in services are provided. It is known that education institutions in Phnom Penh provide the best quality compared to the provincial one. Hence, young people, especially those who finished high school, migrate to Phnom Penh. Due to such migration, the capital has become a place where rental houses or rooms mushroom almost everywhere. This plays an important role in improving the real estate sector, and the land prices in the city have also increased.


The capital is located in the south-central region of Cambodia, on the area covered by Kandal Province where four rivers cross. Those rivers are Tonle Sap, Mekong, and Bassac (lower and upper arms). They are the sources of freshwater and natural resources, especially fish for food. Besides, the rivers become an essential waterway for transport and boat tourism.  

The municipality contains 14 Khans (districts) such as:

No Code Name in Khmer Name in English No of Village
01 1201
Chamkar Mon
02 1202
Doun Penh
03 1203
Prampir Meakkakra
04 1204
Tuol Kouk
05 1205
06 1206
Mean Chey
07 1207
Russey Keo
08 1208
09 1209
Pur SenChey
10 1210
Chraoy Chongvar
11 1211
Praek Pnov 
12 1212
Chbar Ampov
13 1213
Boeng Keng Kang
14 1214

🔯All Khans are under the governance of the Phnom Penh City Hall. The Khans are further subdivided into 105 Sangkats (Communes), and 952 Phum (Villages).

Tourism Sites

Phnom Penh is also a remarkable place for cultural, natural and historic tourism. Its cultural tourism sites are National Museum, Royal Palace, Russian Market (locally known as Phsar Tuol Compound) and pagodas. Tourists can learn about Khmer culture in terms of architectural styles, religions, and stories from the past. Furthermore, natural tourism is also available in the city, namely boat cruises along the river. In the morning and evening, people can enjoy the view of Chaktomuk River, fresh air, and gardens along the river banks for visitors. Finally, the Khmer Rouge Regime can be tracked through S-21 Prison, a very popular site in understanding the genocide and the mass killings of the Cambodian dark history. These sites attract tourists to visit the capital city.

Shopping and lifestyle
Phnom Penh is the center of trade and business where visitors can enjoy shopping in various locations inside the city. Following are some major marketplaces: AEON Shopping Mall Phnom Penh, AEON Mall Sen Sok, Vattanac Life Style, Exchange Square Shopping Mall, Makro Shopping Mall, Sovanna Shopping Center, City Mall, Stung Meanchey Shopping, Soriya Shopping Mall, TK Avenue, and more. Besides shopping malls, here are popular markets, Russian Market (PhsarToul Tom Poung), Central Market (Phsar Thmei), Night Market (Phsar Reathrey), Old Market (Phsar Chas), Orussei Market, etc.

🍃In Phnom Penh, the living becomes more convenient, due to the development of infrastructures such as sky bridges, public buses, Internet-based taxi services such as Uber, Grab, and a few local apps. These make transportation easier and aim to reduce the number of cars on the street in the future to improve the traffic. Expect in this capital different kinds of foods, bars, night clubs, restaurants, mostly located along the riverside to cater to tourist needs.

Real Estate
The real estate sector is growing very fast, due to the increased number of buildings inside and outside Phnom Penh. Local and foreign companies invest more in commercial buildings, shopping malls, factories, markets, houses, hotels, and apartments.

🅺The late 2017 annual report from the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, Cambodia counts the construction plans of 3,052 covering 10 million square meters with an estimated investment of 6,428 million USD. The price has increased by 22.31 %, compared to last year, according to local media.

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